A guy from North Carolina...

...A girl from Florida


- N o a h   and   C h r i s t i n -

Husband. Wife. Parents. Photographers. World Travelers. Artists.

We are a husband and wife photography team based near Charlotte, NC. Together, we share a love for natural light photography that is both joyful and elegant. Our specialities include: weddings, elopements, and family photography. We enjoy shooting luxurious weddings around the country and even intimate, backyard weddings with your closest friends and family.


Our love for photography is fueled by the incredible moments we get to share with every couple. Our hearts' desire is go anywhere or do anything to be a part of the best moments in your lives. Memories are truly unforgettable when you 

choose us!

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Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Teamwork &  Dreamwork

You might be asking yourself, what makes Couick Photography different than other photographers? 


The answer is simply the experience. It is rare to see a couple of photographers capable of making your photo session turn into a time that is fun, authentic, and energetic. Our clients often leave talking about the fun and laughter we share. 


From the very first phone call to the moment after you say, "I do," we are with you from start to finish. Of course, we have seen things can go wrong, but it is our consistent organization that helps us remain flexible and compatible during your special moments. Our goal is to make the best of every situation. 


We love bringing happiness to a bride's face or a giggle from a squirmy child's voice. Seeing the smiles and reviews we receive make us all the more humbled when YOU decide to choose us. We strive to be a strong team living the dream while also giving you the best experience of your life. 

- We've Been There -

As a married couple looking back, we can say we have been right where you are today.  The search for the perfect wedding photographer can seem endless. Picking the style, deciding on the cost, and finding the photographers that best fit you is very overwhelming. It all matters. It is all important!

Not only is it a special day, it is your wedding. So, it deserves to be captured perfectly, exactly the way you have imagined it. 


We  know first hand what it is like to be in your shoes. Just breath and let your search stops here. Our perspective lets us better empathize with our brides and grooms letting us give the best experience possible.

-  Our Compatibility -

When you choose us as your photographers, you are hiring a team that works together every day. Often, we can communicate without saying a word-it's like a superpower- or maybe some kind of sixth sense. Normal photographers can't just do that without tons and tons of practice. 


On a wedding day, there are so many different things happening and so much that needs to be captured quickly!  We split our tasks, work together on organization, and prep like champs.

Communication is key and we work efficiently to capture everything at different angles in the most special of moments.