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- M E E T   T H E   T E A M -

Brothers. Coworkers. Friends for Life.

When it comes to the bond between brothers, we realize there is a unique strength that emerges, built by shared experiences and unwavering support. Hand in hand, we not only share a bloodline but also a unique love for capturing the very best moments in life. Working together each week allows us the unique opportunity to harness the power of our connection and share it with each of our clients.


When booking us for your wedding, you will find we can communicate effortlessly at times, anticipating each other's creative ideas and finding solace in the familiarity of shared endeavors. With a shared purpose, our combined efforts become a symphony of harmony, where each contribution enhances our work creating a seamless and efficient collaboration. 

Our love for photography is fueled by the incredible moments we get to share with every couple. Our hearts' desire is go anywhere or do anything to be a part of the best moments in your lives. Memories are truly unforgettable when you 

choose us!





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Teamwork &  Dreamwork

You might be asking yourself, what makes Couick Photography different than other photographers? 


The answer is simply the experience. These days, photographers are a dime a dozen. However, finding a photographer capable of making your photo session turn into a time that is fun, authentic, and energetic—this is what we aim for in our work. In return, our clients often leave talking about the fun and laughter we shared during their time with us. 


From the very first phone call to the moment after you say, "I do," we are with you from start to finish. Of course, we have seen things can go wrong, but it is our consistent organization that helps us remain flexible and compatible during your special moments. Our goal is to make the best of every situation. 


We love bringing happiness to a bride's face or a giggle from a squirmy child's voice. Seeing the smiles and reviews we receive make us all the more humbled when YOU decide to choose us. We strive to be a strong team living the dream while also giving you the best experience of your life. 



Lead Photographer

Hey there, I'm Noah, the lead photographer at Couick Photography. With over a decade of experience behind the lens, I take pride in being the driving force behind the visual narratives we capture.

As a mentor, I'm dedicated to inspiring and guiding our team, encouraging growth and innovation within the realm of photography. I also love pleasing my clients to the fullest by fulfilling their dreams and seeing their ideas come to life. Ultimately, I see myself as a storyteller, wielding my camera like a pen for my clients. My extensive portfolio, filled with countless family memories and couples' heartfelt "I do's," stands as a testament to my unwavering dedication and expertise.

Although I love capturing the most special moments in photography, my world revolves around my family. My two toddlers keep me busy and on my toes. I love to read, eat Chipotle, and find as many sunsets to capture that I can. If I ever get a chance to meet you, just know, I will be your friend and try my best to give you the best experience in your life.


Assistant Photographer

Allow us to introduce Nathan, the devoted second photographer lending his talents to Couick Photography. Boasting a wealth of experience accumulated over several years, Nathan's niche lies in immortalizing behind-the-scenes intricacies and capturing the essence of our clients' most significant moments.


Beyond his role as a photographer, he enjoys drawing, playing the guitar, and studying the Bible. Nathan is also a skilled guitarist. His greatest joy lies in sharing moments with his wife, Amber. Having captured numerous weddings, Nathan remains to be one of the strongest assets to our team.



Assistant Photographer

Introducing Josiah, the accomplished assistant photographer whose journey began with multiple prestigious national photography awards in high school. Currently in the final stages of his college education, where he's pursuing a degree in sports management, Josiah has seamlessly blended his passion for photography with coaching soccer for a North Carolina-based high school team.


Josiah finds fulfillment in serving the Lord and helping out in the community. Josiah's innate talent for capturing extraordinary moments is best seen when he skillfully preserves raw emotions and unique perspectives within each frame on wedding days.


Associate Photographer

Meet David, an accomplished associate photographer on our team with an exceptional eye for capturing life's special moments. David often helps as a second shooter with weddings on the weekends. However, he enjoys photographing various landscapes, animal, and still life photography as a hobby. Currently pursuing a business degree in Greenville, SC, he effortlessly balances his passion for photography with his college life.


Beyond the lens, David leads an active lifestyle, often found studying, working out in the gym, or hanging with friends. David loves serving the Lord within his local church and returning home often to spend time with his family. 


- We've Got You -

Our team of skilled photographers has honed their craft, capturing countless timeless moments for couples, families, and individuals. We understand the intricacies of photo sessions, and we know how to create an atmosphere that allows your love to shine through in every photograph. With our technical proficiency and artistic vision, we ensure that every image reflects the beauty and emotion of your special moments.


-  Our Compatibility -

When you choose us as your photographers, you are hiring a team that works together every day. Often, we can communicate without saying a word-it's like a superpower- or maybe some kind of sixth sense. Normal photographers can't just do that without tons and tons of practice. 


On a wedding day, there are so many different things happening and so much that needs to be captured quickly!  We split our tasks, work together on organization, and prep like champs.

Communication is key and we work efficiently to capture everything at different angles in the most special of moments.

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