-Our Story-


First comes LOVE...

Sometimes, the best things in life come in the most unexpected ways. At least, for us that is how it was when we met nearly seven years ago riding a bus. It was just like a movie...a Hallmark movie that is...We parted ways and met nearly two years later. By then, we knew it was LOVE.

What started as general conversations soon led to long talks about our future. We dated for nearly three years while adventuring along the east coast making as many memories as possible.

We found ourselves enjoying the simple things in life. Our special moments were found around a camp fire, hiking a trail on the side of a mountain, spending time with family, and exploring new places together. 

Then comes MARRIAGE...

Even after only dating for a few months, we knew our lives were meant to be together. Our families could see it, our friends new it, even strangers thought we were already married or engaged. So, the time came and we decided to make it officially official. The ring was bought. The question was asked. We celebrated with family and have not looked back since.


After the big proposal, we agreed on a date and got married the following summer. It was one of the most wonderful days of our lives! Since then, what used to be a solo photography business has now become the dynamic duo. As a result, our business has flourished, bringing in more business than ever before. We hope to be apart of many more fun events and continue traveling the world and giving honor to our God for His amazing love in our lives.

Then comes BABY...

After we thought life could not get any better, we were gifted with our first child in 2019. Nearly two year later, God gave us another bundle of joy making our trio a family of four.  

We love family time, especially when it involves playing outside, camping, playing in the pool, and/or planning our next big trip. Doing life with our babies is no joke. It is interesting most days, yet totally amazing.

Although our lives are much different, we have learned so much about being parents. What used to be just two of us is now a family of four, and we would have it no other way. Eliana and Elijah are our biggest blessings from the Lord and we thank God for these sweet rays of sunshine in our lives.