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Man and woman looking at each other above skyscrapers in New York City.

Capturing Love in the City 
         ​              A NYC Engagement Session

Back in the early summer, I had the privilege of embarking on an unforgettable engagement session in the heart of New York City. Thanks to the expertise of two wonderful native New Yorkers, Jack and Pamela, the weekend was meticulously planned to capture the essence of their love story against the backdrop of the city that never sleeps.

Flying from Charlotte, NC to New York for this special occasion was just the beginning of a whirlwind weekend filled with sightseeing, laughter, and, of course, capturing magical moments through my camera. From the moment we landed in the Newark Airport to our checkin at the Knickerbocker Hotel, we travelled quickly and were able to see a few sights before starting our first session that evening. Since I have been to NYC before, I was somewhat familiar with the area and enjoyed using the subway system. 
Man and woman smiling at each other with the New York City lights shining in the background
Man and woman intensely smiling at each other with New York City buildings in the background

Their engagement session began in Lower Manhattan's Financial District, where the towering skyscrapers framed the start of our photographic tale. As we strolled along the shoreline, Jersey City's skyline created a breathtaking backdrop, also offering a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty at certain angles off in the distance, all of which held special meaning for Jack and Pamela, having been their home for some time.

The day transitioned beautifully as we stopped at the Occulus for the iconic shot below. Then, we ascended to the roof top of their friend's apartment building, where the sun began its graceful descent and the One World Trade Center stood behind us. The skyline served as a picturesque canvas for our photographs, each frame holding the warmth of the setting sun and the radiance of this beautiful couple. I dont think I could have ever pictured a prettier sunset there. We had the whole rooftop to ourselves. Talk about a magical night—it was perfect.

Man and woman kissing in New York City
Man and woman smiling at each other holding each other with the World Trade Center and New York City in the background.

Our adventure didn't stop there, though. Jack and Pamela took us to the renowned Fraunces Tavern, a perfect ending to a day filled with laughter and amazing food. This place was so historical—a little nook burried among the rest of the bustling city. I read it was once of the meeting place where Washington is beleived to have given his farwell address in 1783.

After that, we took a night tour on the top of one of NYC double decker buses. That was worth every penny experiencing the city that way.

The following morning, our journey continued with an additional session in Central Park, centering around the Bethesda Fountain and also Grand Central Station. The park's tranquility and the fountain's elegance provided an enchanting backdrop, bringing a serene contrast to the vibrant cityscape captured the day before.

Reflecting on this experience, it was more than just an engagement session—it was a vibrant tapestry woven with love, laughter, and the breathtaking beauty of New York City. We were able to tour the city, watch broadway shows, witness amazing street life, and photograph the most stunning couple the NYC streets has ever seen.


Over time, it seems that nearly every corner of the city became a part of Jack and Pamela's love story. They knew of the most breathtaking spots and had little stories to tell us along the way. 

The weekend in New York was not just about photography; it was about embracing the joy of the moment, celebrating love, and creating unforgettable memories that will forever be cherished for our sweet couple. I'm already looking for another reason to go back. Maybe a Christmas session in NYC!? Who's next?

Man and woman holding hands in a large subway station in New York City
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