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Patrick + Tonya | A Warm, Winter Wedding | The Bottle Factory-Monroe, NC

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Every time we shoot a wedding, we learn new things about people, places, and the love people share among families. Most of the time, we learn these things during the summer and fall when weddings are happening nearly every weekend. However, the winter brought on several beautiful weddings, one of which we wanted to share in our blog.

When we first met Patrick and Tonya, we were confident that we would work well together. Tonya's charisma and Patrick's enthusiasm about their wedding plans revealed to us that their love was more than just about material decor and belongings. Instead, it showed us they care about their loved ones, the memories they create and the moments during their wedding that would be captured and kept forever. Our business thrives on couples that possess genuine love and affection and those that stand out because of their determination and pursuit for happiness. That is what we found when Patrick and Tonya came to us.

Once the plans were made, we could not wait for the wedding date to arrive. It seemed months turned into days and the time came for the big wedding day. The Bottling Factory in Monroe, NC provided the most beautiful backdrop for their day. Tonya stayed tucked away in her beautiful, white dress until the moment arrived that she would see her groom. From the moment they said, "I do," to the rest of the evening that they danced the night away, it all was like a fairytale.

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