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Rory + Molly | A Christmas Wedding | Riverwood Manor-Harrisburg, NC

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

In the heart of December, there was nothing more beautiful than watching two people become one. From the colorful decorations to the holiday festivities, it was evident that Molly and Rory's wedding was filled with love in the air! The Christmas cheer was spread all around and the night was absolutely stunning! It was magical, completely magical.

The day featured a wonderful service at Grace Lutheran Church in Matthews, NC, where many tears, smiles, and laughs were shared by family and friends. Rory and Molly united their love and were able to make it by sunset to their reception venue at Riverwood Manor in Harrisburg, NC. As you can see, their couple portraits turned out amazing! That was no work on our part, it was all them! We just stood back and snapped every moment in between.

This wedding will forever be remembered as a favorite in our book because of that. We were able to snap so many great expressions, not only from the bride and groom but from all the guests as well. It was one of those weddings that produced the best kind of pictures filling each shot with the best memories to remember long after the couple said "I do."

From the dancing family members to the father-of-the-bride's t-shirt toast, Rory and Molly's wedding was a smash hit. The night was finished with an exit of ringing bells and a "hooray" from the entire crowd. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Case!

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