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Five Ways to Create Timeless
Bridal Photos

Scheduling a bridal portrait session, particularly in the south, is a cherished tradition that has deep roots in history. Originating from the antebellum era, this practice gained popularity as a way for brides to showcase their elegance and beauty revealed to guests on the wedding day.

Historically, these portraits were often commissioned oil paintings or sketches. They were considered a symbol of status and were displayed prominently in the bride's family home. Over time, photography replaced paintings, yet the tradition persisted, evolving into a pre-wedding photography session focused solely on the bride. Now, many brides will showcase one or two on their wedding day in a huge frame for their guests to see. Afterwareds, this portrait will hang in the bride's home or her parents' house.

Today, scheduling a bridal portrait session has become a standard practice in many regions, not just the South. It allows photographers to capture a bride's radiance and elegance in a relaxed setting, often four to six weeks before the wedding day. We have options for our brides to schedule their bridal sessions wherever they like; we always get to proposed with how to make such sessions a timeless piece for the home to have forever. So, we came up with a list to make this possible.

bride in white dress gazing
bride in white dress with a big white mansion wedding venue at the Duke Mansion in Charlotte, NC.
Bride in white dress standing inside a mansion wedding venue with chandelier above her at the Duke Mansion in Charlotte, NC.

1. Choose a Classic Location

When trying to picture the perfect spot for your bridal session, opt for a timeless, elegant location that will not feel dated in years to come. Think about picturesque landscapes, historic sites, or iconic venues that add a sense of timelessness to your images. 

Often, venue owners will offer their brides free access to their venues for a separate date when the bride books her wedding there. Keep this in mind when booking your own wedding. If you would like a different look, however, consider somewhere with beatiful landscape views, classic neutral tones, and iconic spots for various angles.  

Your choice in location is EVERYTHING. 

2.  Focus on Simplicity

Timeless bridal portraits often showcase clean, graceful lines, uncluttered backgrounds, and classic poses that emphasize the bride's beauty and attire without overwhelming distractions.

Remember, simplicity doesn't equate to being budget-friendly or extravagant. It's about a refined approach, a delicate balance of elements that harmonize with your venue, gown, and floral arrangements.

It's possible to create a striking, memorable shoot by strategically highlighting specific elements that align with the essence of your vision. Don't be afraid to infuse your shoot with elements that complement the simplicity you're aiming for, making it fun, vibrant, and unforgettable.

Bride in white dress standing beside a window at the Henry Hall Wilson House in Monroe, NC.
Bride at her wedding sitting beside large mirrors at the Henry Hall Wilson House in Monroe, NC.
Bride walking through doors at her wedding at the Henry Hall Wilson House in Monroe, NC.
Bride in white dress sitting on green sofa with flowers in a large mansion at The Grande Victorian Mansion in Monroe, NC.

3.  Natural Light

Keep an eye out for spots that utilize natural light whenever possible. It not only enhances the beauty of the moment but also creates a soft, ethereal quality to your images that stands the test of time.

Windows, open door-ways, outside locations, and mirrors offer wonderful methods to achieve naturally lit photographs. I admit I love utilizing artificial light through flash for photos. I do it all the time for bridal sessions, especially with a modernistic vibe. However, my most favorite approach is always to possess the natural light in the room, first. 

4.  Add Florals

Most bridal sessions incoprorate a floral bouquet or multiple arrangments to make the session more aesthetic. Before your bridal session, coordinate with a florist to have your bouquet created or selected specifically for the vibe and decor around you.


Make sure the flowers are fresh, vibrant, and aligned with the overall theme or colors of your wedding. Fresh flowers are way more attractive than artificial, in our opinion. However, looking for silk and wooden florists can provide you with a vision that lasts much longer than just the day.  Consider any additional floral arrangements or props you'd like to incorporate into the session to add a touch of elegance and beauty to your portraits.

5. Utlize a Veil and Accessories

The veil often serves as an exquisite complement to the dress, delicately framing serene close-ups to showcase intricate lacework and embroidery details.


Brides often opt for longer cathedral veils, allowing for dramatic movements, cascading shots, and/or gentle draping for an ethereal touch, ensuring the veil dances gracefully with natural light.


Meanwhile, accessories like hair pendants, bows, and necklaces seamlessly intertwine, enhancing the gown without overpowering it, offering opportunities for captivating silhouettes and unique imagery for each bride.


For brides choosing to forego a veil, there's a wealth of options available—hundreds of pieces to curate the perfect look, ensuring timeless and personalized photographs.

Bride in white wedding dress with a flower bouquet smiling and her eyes closed.

Bridal portraits are more than just snapshots; they encapsulate moments of joy, elegance, and individuality for every bride. Each portrait unfolds a unique story, reflecting a bride's distinct personality. 


Timeless photographs are beautiful for every age in time. However, if your dream consists of a modern flare with bold colors and trending decor, do not be afraid to do what you want. This is YOUR wedding! 

More than anything, you deserve for your bridals to be a perfect; so plan with your vendors to make sure they are everything you have dreamed them to be. With a touch of creativity and personal flair, your portraits can become cherished keepsakes, preserving the magic of your journey in a way that is forever enchanting and uniquely your own. 

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