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Live Simply 4 Peru

Characato, Peru

Live Simply 4 Peru is a Christian organization that serves in the small town of Characato, Peru. Their mission is to rescue forsaken street children and prevent child abandonment by embracing the needs of single mothers. Aiding these families requires funds from several individuals and churches around the world in order to minister in their community. We wish to help this organization through every booking session we receive.

Live Simply's involvement includes: providing meals in after-school feeding programs, visiting hospitals several times a week, volunteering in local orphanages, and organizing events for special needs children. These attempts to serve the forgotten bring the organization to the slums in some of the most poverty-stricken homes in the world. Their mission is to reach several communities across South America and provide solutions that prevent the growing global orphan crisis.


They wish to show the love of Jesus Christ by ministering to those who are in need and sharing the Gospel to as many souls as possible. 


Just by booking a session with us, you help impact a person's life through the Live Simply organization. Whether it be a wedding, a portrait session, or a fun event, we donate from every shoot to bring happiness to those who need it.

When you book, we donate!

Meet the Team

Live Simply 4 Peru has successfully helped communities in South America for nearly a decade. The Clemmer and Mendoza families have pursued God's calling for their lives to love "the least of these." Their willingness to go and spread Christ's love has changed the outlook of American missions within their communities.

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Mission teams are organized throughout the year to help multiply the ongoing aid that is needed in Characato. We participated in a 2-week trip in July 2016. It changed our lives. If you are interested in organizing a trip or directly donating to Live Simply 4 Peru click here

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