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Colorado Rockies Engagement Session

Zach & Gabby

A Colorado Rockies Engagement Session

When we first asked Zach and Gabby where they wanted to go for their engagement session, the locations seemed almost endless, much like their sense of adventure. Out of the many lists of US Parks, beaches, and beautiful cities that had provided, they both settled on the stunning Colorado Rockies, a place that neither of us had ever been before. Of course, this may scare some photographers, but not us. We love going on new adventures!

If you have never been to Colorado, you must first understand that the Colorado Rockies stretch across seven states, as well as another country- Canada. However, the Rocky Mountain National Park is nestled right in front of the cutest town known as Estes Park, CO. It is here, where we met up with Zach and Gabby to capture one of the most beautiful engagement sessions in our career. 

We arrived a day early and scoped out the hiking trails around Bear Lake. When we told some of the local Coloradans where we were going, they told us we had picked one of the best locations around. 

Colorado Rockies Engagement Session

In order to find the perfect spot, we chose to tour some of the lakes off of Bear Lake Trailhead. There are so many hikes to choose from. Thankfully, we did some research and narrowed it down to a few before arriving in CO.


Simply put, they were all stunning, Nymph Lake is the first lake you meet on the trail towards Emerald Lake. After you hike a little further you will hit Dream Lake. This is where we planned to stop and get a majority of the pictures. The views were so picturesque! 

We messaged Gabby and Zach and told them our plan. In order to get the most out of their engagement shoot, we collectively decided to do a sunrise session at Dream Lake. So, the next day, they brought a couple outfits, a few of their friends, and met us around 5 am. 

After a quick trip to Starbucks, we met and took the 2.5 mile hike to Dream Lake. It was definitely chilly on that October morning, but the sunrise did not disappoint. It was stunning!

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